Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekend Wonderings

Where do the 48 hours of the weekend go? I always seem to leave school on Friday afternoon with grand plans for all the things I want to accomplish in the next 2 days. Here is all I got done this weekend:
Watched Memorial win their game in perfect football weather on Friday night, slept late, had an extra cup of coffee, read my mail for the week, ran errands, bought new ski clothes, reserved my skis for Christmas at Black Tie Rentals (the best), talked to Brandon for about 3 minutes, cleaned out one more part of my closet, cooked a great new shrimp dish, watched a great movie, went to bed really late and got up really early (trying to make those hours last!), read every bit of the Sunday paper, did mindless internet searching and browsing, more errands, let teachers into the building and worked for 3 hours, worked on my blog, discovered "Under the Dog's Eyebrows" (it's really Audrey), ate great bbq, more blogging,, going to bed early so I can start the week all over again. Can't wait for the next 48 hours of fun!!!