Thursday, March 18, 2010

Crested Butte Fun

I've rediscovered the fun of skiing on soft snow on a warm sunny Spring day in Crested Butte. We had so much fun today. I think we rode every lift on the mountain (except that extreme stuff) and even spent some quality time at Paradise Warming House.
Tomorrow is the first day of the Extreme Telemark Competition. Brandon will be competing for the fourth year. Last year he was in first place after the first day and ended up in the top 10. Several of his friends from here that I've met through the years will be competing as well.
We will ski up to the finish line area to watch tomorrow morning. I just got a text from Brandon to bring the avalanche shovel so we can dig a good place to sit. YIKES!! My mission this evening it to figure out how to upload my FLIP videos. I bought a better video for tomorrow so I can zoom in close - that is if I can force myself to watch. I think it's better to watch through the's not as real that way.
Hope to post some soon, if I can figure it out.