Saturday, July 24, 2010

So..what do you do all day??

I'm counting down the days to 3 very important events:
1. moving into the transition campus
2. the teachers coming back
3. the kids coming back
And...what do you do all day when there is no one there & you are waiting for these important things to happen - I've been asked a thousand times so here goes -
clean out my email (took 3 days!), reorganize my email folders to get ready for another busy year, clean out yearly correspondence/organize it for storage/get the folders ready for the new stuff, plan inservice to begin the new year, answer the phone, find qualified applicants for open positions/contact them for screening/arrange interviews/have interviews/hire someone, read email, make the yearlong calendar, write a brand new emergency operation plan for the transition campus, go to construction meetings/answer emails about construction/think about it when I can't sleep/try to figure out where we are going to do all the things we do/send emails with my questions about construction, read blogs of teachers and other educators to get ideas as I'm planning for staff development, go to trainings for Skyward/roadmapping/love and logic/CIP entry, enter our campus improvement plan into the system, order things for the year, arrange the after school programs with the vendors, oh - did I say read email? Those are the highlights of my days. There's more but most of it is not worth mentioning!

Now - you can see why I can't wait for the teachers and kids to come back. I LOVE being in their classrooms, talking to teachers about their celebrations and their challenges, talking to kids all day long and just keeping busy with the learning world!! Can't wait!!


Meredith Ann Duffey-Dixon said...

The teachers and the students are blessed to have you as their principal.

Research Paper said...

Agree with you Meredith Ann Duffey-Dixon...They are really lucky..